US To India Calling Code

US To India Calling Code

Follow these steps to make a call from the USA to India. You should be aware of the time differences between the countries. Indian Standard Time is (IST) the time in India. This time can also be used for Indian and Sri Lankan calls. India doesn’t observe daylight savings. This website displays the current time for India. This website the help the virtual number get this website Ajoxi and Lets Dial. India landlines are available using the following format: 011 +91 + mobile number These numbers are for011 – This is the USA’s exit code. It must always be dialed when calling the USA from Canada.

India’s country code: 91

Phone Number: The number of the landline you wish to dial must start with 0. Before dialing, it is important to find the Indian number.

  • You can call a Mumbai phone number from the USA using 011 + 91 + 22 ??? ? ?? ? ?
  • India mobile phone calls will be different than calling a landline. You’ll need to dial 011 +91+X ??? ? ?? ? ?
  • Depending on how many cells are used, X maybe 7,8, 9, or 7.

Wholesale VoIP Rates*

Although you may know the basics of calling India from the USA, it’s important to realize that these calls can be both time-consuming as well as expensive. Wholesale VoIP from India’s low-rate calling plan is the best option. Both landline and mobile phone rates. This means that you don’t have to call multiple numbers in India to make a call. No matter whether your contact list is on a Wholesales VoIP or cell connection, you can access it from any device. This website gives area codes 917 area code and 952 area code.


Now is the time to dial! Start dialing! India has many family members and friends who are eager for your call. Country calling codes and country dialing codes are prefixes that can be used to access telephone numbers. They allow subscribers to be reached within networks of member countries or regions in the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). ITU T standards E.123 and E.164 define these codes. The prefixes can also be used to access international direct dialing (IDD), also known under the name international subscriber codes (ISD).

The international numbering plan includes country codes. These codes can only serve to dial a country’s telephone number to make international calls. These codes are dialed after the national phone number. The plus sign (+), prefixes the country codes and is used for international phone numbers. This informs subscribers that they must dial the local international calling prefix first. 011 is an example of the international calling prefix in the North American Numbering Plan. 00 is used in most European and Asian countries. GSM (cellular) prefixes are automatically entered if the user prefixes the incoming number using the plus symbol. You can also try this website the help of information this phone com pricing.

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