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What does a Virtual PBX mean?

Virtual PBX refers to an advanced phone system that is simple to use, cost-effective and easy to access from anywhere. They can also work with existing business lines. Virtual PBX is a way to make calls over the internet.


The virtual telecommuting option allows your office staff to work remotely. The personalized greeting will direct calls to the appropriate extension. You can leave a message for the customer by leaving a voicemail. Executives, employees, and managers can access virtual PBX systems over the internet.

It is possible to switch from a conventional system for many reasons, whether you are a novice entrepreneur or an experienced business owner who wishes to lower operating costs. These are the features The VirtualPBX PBX technology can be used to manage phone calls within an office or department.


  • Stephen Lange is now the chief technology officer for the company. He was also a voice-based applications developer. The company credits Lange’s invention and use of area code 931 area code and 979 area code of virtual PBX with its creation.
  • Paul Hammond is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company. He was born in 2002 at BEA Systems. The headquarters of the company were moved to San Jose (California) in 2003.
  • In 2004, the company introduced skills-based routing. In 2006, a variety new features were introduced by the company, including AutoRoute. AutoRoute allows calls that are automatically sent to ACD queues to be routed to support or sales personnel.
  • Open Communication Systems bought the company in 2007. The VoIP announcement mentioned a collaboration between Gizmo5 and it was officially announced in March 2009.


VirtualPBX is a hosted phone solution for businesses. A wholesales VoIP services provided by Virtual number get this website Call Nation and Prepaid Mall.

What does VOIP mean?

We also like using different acronyms in order to communicate the same message. The PBX is an on-premise phone system that isn’t connected directly to any data network.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), a different type of phone technology is another.

Voice over IP Phone Systems Pros & Cons

Flexibility refers to the ability to use VoIP in a way that is more flexible than traditional PBX systems.


VoIP phone systems are usually licensed. You will get this website what is a domestic phone number and click it.

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