Is 1800 Free Call In Singapore

Is 1800 Free Call In Singapore

The InfocommunicationsMediaDevelopment Agency (IMDA), controls the phone numbers in Singapore. Singapore does not have any area numbers or trunk codes. Every number is assigned to the same area and so are all 8-digit numbers. Ten possible categories exist, six are currently in use, the rest will be used in the future.


Before 1985 subscribers’ phones numbers in Singapore were between five- and six-digits. In the 1960s, fixed line growth led to 5-digit and 6-digit numbers being introduced. These numbers were then changed to seven digits due to the emergence in new places like Tampine (Tampines), Jurong East or Bukit batok.

The digit 9″ was added to pager numbers and mobile phone numbers. Numbers now have 8 numbers. The number eight has been added to the frontline of fixed-line telephone numbers on the 1st March 2002. SingTel was the public provider of telecommunications services by Prepaid Mall and Lets Dial

Numbering system and formatting

  • 3xxxxxxxxx. – Call numbers for VOIP or business VoIP Telephony Services.
  • 6xxxxxxxxx – Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN), Residential IP Telephony Services
  • 8xxxxxxxxxxxxx Mobile Data Services Prepaid Numbers and Brand New Numbers
  • 9yxxxxxx Mobile Data Services, Prepaid numbers (Pagers not available until May 2012)

Special service numbers

  • 800 xxx xxxx – Toll-free international services
  • 1800 xxxxxxxxxxx(Toll-free domestic service) (Free if calling from a landline) These services are also available via toll number numbers. Simply replace ‘1800 xxxxxxxxxxxxx with?+65 6xxxxxxxxxxx.
  • 1900 xxx xxxx – Premium rate services


  • 0xx = International accessibility codes and 937 area code and 986 area code.
  • 13xx Voicemails
  • 16xx – Service providers’ customer services
  • 1777 – Non-Emergency Ambulance
  • 18xx – International calling card access numbers
  • 993 – Ministry of Health’s emergency service for special needs of COVID-19 patients. This was previously used in H1N1 or SARS cases. It is now being used in cases of COVID-19.
  • 995 – Singapore Civil Defence Force Fire or Emergency Ambulance
  • Police: 999
  • 0-9 is denoted by the x
  • Y can be used for from 0 to 8.

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