How To Get Virtual Sim In India

How To Get Virtual Sim In India

An embedded-SIM (or form programmable SIM) is one that is embedded directly into a device. An eSIM is software that has been permanently attached to an eUICC chip. The eUICC will install the eSIM carrier profile. It functions exactly the same way as a regular SIM. The carrier generates a unique ICCID and network authentication key.A wholesales VoIP get the free services provide by Ajoxi and Call Nation.

In 2016, the eSIM standard was first introduced. Since then, eSIM has replaced physical SIMs in all domains except cellular telephony. eSIMs increase reliability and network security. A bulky connector is not required. This allows for greater design flexibility.


The GSMA has been discussing the possibility of SIM-based software since 2010. Motorola stated that eUICC was geared towards industrial devices. Apple, however, disagreed that embedded UICCs could be used in consumer products. One version is for consumer devices and one for M2M. The first version was published in March 2016. The standard was then followed by a second edition, which was published in November 2016.

The Samsung Gear S2 Classic 3G smartwatch was the first to offer an electronic SIM in 2016, Qualcomm presented a new technical solution at the 2017 Mobile World Congress. It was embedded in the Snapdragon hardware chips and associated software (secured Java Application). Apple introduced eSIM support to all Apple Watch Series 3 and subsequent models. In October 2017, Google unveiled the Pixel 2. Google unveiled the Pixel 2 in October 2017.


A traditional SIM card contains an integrated circuit. It is usually located on a universally embedded circuit card (UICC). This card is usually made of PVC and manually inserted into a device. An eSIM is a virtualized SIM that functions exactly the same way as a traditional SIM. The carrier will create a unique ICCID and network authentication key.

eSIMs increase reliability and network security. Because eSIMs do not require bulky connectors, they reduce space requirements. This gives you greater design flexibility. we usually area code of virtual number get then use the area code is 938 area code.


A typical eSIM can be provisioned remotely. An eSIM can usually be provisioned remotely.


GSMA developed eSIM. This global specification allows remote SIM provisioning from any mobile device. DTU, bike-sharing. Advertisement players. Video surveillance devices.

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