Cloud Based IVR Solution India

What’s cloud-based IVR?

Cloud-hosted Interactive Voice Response (SaaS) allows customers to pay for services, communicate with agents and use voice prompts.

What’s IVR?

Interactive speech response (IVR), a technology that allows customers, to communicate with host systems via voice and tone via a keypad. These IVR systems are more intelligent than predictive dialer systems.

What does IVR mean and how can it be used in the caller’s journey?

These will enhance the agent’s efficiency and the caller’s experience. IVRs can be used by themselves to offer self-service options, like banking and mobile payments. This is the purpose of an IVR is Call Nation and Prepaid Mall.


  • Speech recognition allows calls to be understood by speech recognition. You can also enter DTMF tones using the telephone keypad.
  • Text-to speech is another technology that allows you to communicate complex and dynamic information. Instead, real voices create the speech.
  • There is a wide variety of IVR deployment options.
  • Installation equipment in customer premises
  • Equipment for the PSTN public switched phone network

Application service 

ACDs (automatic Contact Distributors) are often the second point to contact for larger organizations. They use digital storage units to play announcements, greetings, and other messages. Interactive voice replies are a way for you to speak directly with your phone. They allow the caller to provide basic information and identify their needs. Caller IDs can be used to compare account numbers and caller ID data. they have used area codes 920 area code and 970 area code.

There are many ways you can create IVR call flows. I’ve been created using proprietary scripting languages and proprietary scripting in the past. IVRs can also be created in a similar manner to web pages. They can be built using standards such as VoiceXML or CCXML. You will get this website’s top call drivers analysis and click it.

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