Cheapest 0800 Number Provider

Cheapest 0800 Number Provider

A freephone number (also known as a toll-free number) is a number that charges the calling party for each call received. An access number that you can call toll-free, freephone 0800, 0120, and 800. This prefix is similar to a geocode. There are country-specific numbers of access to service access Call Nation and Ajoxi.


Telephone networks have gone from being electro-mechanical switch switches to fully computerized stored programme controlled networks. These features are now available for tollfree calls. In the beginning, the call was charged to the party calling. They had to either accept the charges via a remote number or transfer the decision to a long-range operator. There were large amounts of collect calls made to large businesses and government agencies that were frustrating for operators and callers.

Toll-free telephone number

There are many examples of operator-assisted telephone calls. These include Zenith numbers which were introduced in the U.S.A. in 1950s and Canada in 1960s.  In any case, the operator will pull out the correct geographic number from the list to place the call.which could be any distance from one city. It was listed on all local directories in the communities from where the subscriber was willing and able to pay inbound calling charge.

Initial direct-dial systems

AT&T established an automated telephone number that can be used in all US states and territories. In 1966 and 1967, the number was free for use. While it had its limitations, and the high price of long-distance in the era, this system was sufficient to serve large volumes such as a chain of hotels or an airline that used the system to establish their national presence. InWATS could be expensive for small businesses who did not receive many long distance calls. This bulk-rate service required special trunks and was best for large volumes of users area code 936 area code and 985 area code.

Uses shared resources

Toll-free phone telephony allows shared-use numbers to become vanity numbers. This is often a useful generic telephone term. RespOrg infrastructure is responsible for routing calls to the same number between different vendors in the United States based upon the area codes. A taxi firm might rent shared 1-800-TAXICAB use at one location, for example. But the number is redirected locally, to taxi companies in other cities. Mark Russell’s 1-800 GREATRATE is an example of a shared-use phone number that can be rented to local lending institutions in different parts of the country. You will get this website ACD vs IVR  and click for additional information

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