Are There Any 416 Numbers Left

Are There Any 416 Numbers Left

Area codes 416 & 647 are telephone areas in the North American Numbering Plan. Area codes 416 and 647 correspond to the single rate center of Toronto, Ontario (Canada ). ) This Website the help of virtual number services for this website Call Nation and Ajoxi.

Bell Canada has been the dominant local exchange provider for the 416/647/437 regions. Almost all Toronto Bell Canada landlines can be found in area code 406. A majority of local numbers are mobile with some exceptions to services like pocket pagers.


Rogers and Telus are among the most competitive local-exchange carriers in 416/647/437. Similar in New York and Chicago, area codes 312 and 212 respectively, 416 numbers have high demand in “905 neighborhoods”, where the calling area (voice, foreign, and mobile) for voice, voice, and other services (Durham Peel. York. Halton regions) are larger than that of an urban number.


Evolution in area codes in Ontario and southwestern 918 area code and 956 area code. Toronto’s first manual telephone exchanges used a name and a block of four-digit numbers. This was the case until 1958, when direct-distance dialling was introduced. These were created in 1947.

The area code 416 has been split twice. In 1953, the area code 416’s western part (including Kitchener), was divided to create the area code 519. The 416 area was largely co-extensive. It was the area commonly known as “The Golden Horseshoe”‘s core. This arrangement lasted for over 40 years.


Canada’s inefficient numbers distribution system and GTA’s continuous growth caused 416 to almost run out by the late 1980s. These numbers correspond roughly to one prefix at each rate center in which they will offer service. Due to the area’s rapid growth and use of numbers, this is why the number were limited.

Despite this, rapid growth in the GTA and proliferation of pagers, fax machines and cell phones made it clear that the Golden Horseshoe would have to use another area code. It is possible that the 905 split was delayed if it was not possible to reallocate numbers from Toronto’s smaller rate centers to Golden Horseshoe.

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